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Hi, my name is Madilyn! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In all honesty, I’ve been passionate about creative work ever since I was in kindergarten, trying to create unique colors out of my eight-pack of crayons. Here I am, years later, still on this journey of discovering what being a creative is all about. Because for me, design isn’t simply about making something pretty for the sake of aesthetics. Design should be both useful and beautiful. For me, effective design combines multiple elements into one high-functioning, cohesive message. 

I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with several different companies, each with its own distinctive mission set. I’ve designed print collateral and marketing material for the tech start-up Shield AI, advertising materials with Desert Financial Credit Union, personalized illustrations for Wilderbloom Coffee Roasters, and a broad range of brand-specific work for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. 

I’m currently a designer on the creative services team at Off Madison Ave., a marketing agency that implements the principles of behavior design to yield big results with their clients. When I’m not at my desk, you can find me throwing clay, cooking (+ eating!), or daydreaming about my next adventure!

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